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Trimet halts Max trains due to severe weather conditions

Trimet has halted all Max train services because of extreme weather conditions.
Nicole Ramage

On Feb. 8 KATU reports that Trimet has halted all Max trains and is dispatching buses to Max stops to pick up passenger due to severe weather conditions.

In the Portland Metro area there is severe weather conditions due to the three day snow storm that the area was hit with. All day today, the area has been hit with freezing rain and snow mixed. It is unclear what exactly has caused the trains to be halted but it is likely that the rails are too slick to safely travel on with freezing rain pelting the area and causing treacherous conditions all over.

Buses are now running behind, as well as on a Saturday snow schedule route due to the weather, which has been causing further delays. The doors of the Max trains are going to remain closed so that passengers inside will stay warm but they will open by pressing the handicap ramp buttons.

KATU plans on giving updates as the weather and news on the Max trains' situation progresses, but at this time, a spokes person for Trimet says that they likely won't be fixed until Sunday sometime, even with people working round the clock to fix the problem.

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