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Trim down your waistline to reduce asthma symptoms

Measuring Tape
Measuring Tape

Did you know that if you reduce your waistline, you might reduce your asthma problems, too? According to Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield's Spring 2010 Asthma Outlook newsletter, one study discovered that overweight women had an increased risk of developing asthma and/or having worse symptoms. Per a study in Thorax, an International Journal of Respiratory Medicine, even women of normal weight, but with a large waistline, were at risk of getting asthma.

Where you carry the extra weight is very important. Waistline fat increases health risks more than anywhere else. If your waist is more than 35 inches for women and 40 inches for men, you are increasing your chance of developing health problems.

Researchers aren't sure how there is a connection between a large waistline and asthma, but one possible reason is that obesity promotes inflammation and asthma is the cause of inflammation in your airways. Another possibility is GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). GERD causes stomach acid to back up into the esophagus, which irritates the lungs.

Need help getting started on a weight-loss plan? There are many weight loss facilities offering different styles of assistance in the San Fernando Valley, but here are a couple of places to get you started:

Jenny Craig has San Fernando Valley locations in Woodland Hills, Agoura Hills, Encino and Granada Hills. Click here for website and more info.

Weight Watchers has San Fernando Valley locations in West Hills, Woodland Hills, Granada Hills, Northridge and Sherman Oaks. Click here for website and further info.

Don't forget to blend exercise into the mix. Can't afford to join a gym? Burn some calories and enjoy the great outdoors by walking! At work? Sit at your desk and do waist twists, leg pull-ups and tush crunches. No one's looking. Talk a walk during your lunch break and breathe in some fresh air.

Not only will you look better for summer, but you will be able to breathe better, too. Good luck in your journey to optimum health.


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