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Tricky Transition: Winter to Spring Footwear

Neon graphics on neutral shoe.
Neon graphics on neutral shoe.
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The snow and ice have melted away, but the air is still too cold to reveal your toes just yet. How do you remain practical and comfortable in your footwear but still celebrate the coming warmer weather? Find a balance. Stash the tall leather boots until next winter, or the unexpected springtime snow storm, and revisit a lighter, more spring-friendly casual shoe.

A low-top sneaker is great for a casual look, and they are available in a wide spectrum of colors. Low-top sneakers still protect your toes from the cold air and can also add a splash of color to your ensemble. Find a bright neon pair to go with dark denim jeans, or stick with traditional white.

Laces can add some flair to your sneaks too. From glitter and sparkle to graphics and words, vibrant laces can jazz up any pair of shoes. Just a note, if opting for a neon pair of sneaks, best stick with more toned-down laces in white or black. To explore a wider selection of shoelaces than your favorite shoestore may stock, visit ShoeLaces Express.