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Tricks of the trade

By the 2nd week in January, most weight loss programs are going strong and this is the make it or break it week.  The food plans have been picked and the challenge has began.    The adaptation has proved to be tough, but by week 2 some results are being seen.  Make sure you have your pantry stocked for easy grabs and foods are marked.  This trick always helps when your running late in the mornings. 

Plan for everything, plan your exercise and plan your meals.  Plan one week of meals and exercise and stick to your schedule.  If you have to make changes, this can easily done if the plan is set.  As you progress through your plan, you will find little tricks that work for you and help you make it through tough days.    Keep some red grapes frozen, this will help your sweet cravings.  

The most important trick and main tip to remember is to stay motivated, if you feel your motivation slipping away, remind yourself of why you started, call your diet buddy and cram in some extra exercise.  This will help you stay focused.  Get ready for week 3, changes are being noticed and diet will be getting easier.  Remember, this was started for a reason, make it a reality!


  • Rhonda 5 years ago

    I enjoyed your article this week. It is very encouraging to read about practical ways to beat the battle of weight loss. The step by step approach brings to home the reality that you must make changes one step at a time. I am looking forward to reading more tips and ways to stay focused during my weight loss journey.

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