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Trace Magellas teaching tricking to an eager group of martial artists.
Trace Magellas teaching tricking to an eager group of martial artists.
Masterson's ATA Martial Arts

Masterson's ATA Martial Arts is hosting a three day "Creative and Extreme Martial Arts Seminar" this weekend. Hosting guest instructor Trace Magellas from T Force Elite out of Dallas Texas, Masterson's school in Georgetown Kentucky has become the center for tricking.

At just 17 years old Trace Magellas is already holder of nineteen World Championship Titles spread across three divisions of competition in five different leagues. Actively competing in Empty Hand, Creative and Extreme Weapons Forms Divisions in the ATA, AOK, NBL, BASKA and the USKA, Trace has developed a formidable set of weapons and Tricking skills.

Beginning 11 years ago in the ATA, Trace has branched out and expanded his training. When asked why he chose to get involved in tricking, a former of martial arts kicking that involves complex combinations and multiple turns and spins in the air, he sites his desire to be competitive.

I was competing in Extreme Martial Arts and was having trouble placing. I was one of a very few in my ring not tricking and that made it harder to place well. I decided I had to add tricking if I really wanted to compete.

Now, with the Tforce Elite Team and all of his training in Creative and Extreme Martial Arts, Mr. Magellas has put rank promotion on hold. A Second Degree Black Belt in the ATA, he has chosen to focus on developing his tricking skills over the traditional skills. He does credit his ATA training for giving him a solid base of empty hand and weapons training.

My traditional training, along with the skills I developed in ATA creative and Extreme have translated very well to the open circuit. Those skills are what I have built on to be come successful in the other leagues.

The training event this weekend is one for many that Trace will teach all across the country. His love of the martial arts and Tricking show in all he does. In his own words,

I don't really have a lot of time to train for rank promotion right now. I am booked pretty much every weekend for the next year traveling to teach or compete. I don't mind though, I get to do what I enjoy.

Trace Magellas isn't the only person enjoying the weekend of training. The students in his classes are enthusiastically taking in everything he is teaching. With the Friday evening introduction to creative and Extreme competition and today's intensive training on empty hand and Tricking the students have enjoyed learning from his knowledge and experience. Everyone is looking forward to the Bo Staff training sessions tomorrow and the opportunity to learn great new weapons techniques.

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