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Tricking those uncooperative spirits

Is trickery in order?
Is trickery in order?
R. Hinton

I’ve previously written on breaking out of the box and approaching paranormal investigations from a different angle. It’s those little things we try that may very well improve results when gathering evidence of the realm of spiritual entities. And that satisfaction from knowing we may have pulled the wool over the eyes of cantankerous spirits who refuse to cooperate.

Time for a little “trickery….”

Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) is a standard tool for paranormal investigators hoping to capture voices of the dear departed on audio recorders. The standard operating procedure—as endorsed and taught on the ghost-shows—seems to dictate announcing verbally just what you are doing and where. An example would be—“This is Steve and Tango, placing a recorder in the kitchen of the Smith Mansion. Would you approach the red light and speak with us tonight?”

Sometimes this gets results, but there will become a time when it will not. Let’s reason this out:

We’re in their world and time stamp during an investigation. There are no steadfast rules that apply. For whatever their intentions and purposes, they just may want to keep their secret just that—a secret! If you are visiting a location that is a paying paranormal amusement park—where a constant stream of investigators invade on a regular basis—spirits can easily go into a shut-down mode on any given night. They grow quiet.

If you are fortunate enough to stumble into what I would term a “fresh” location—most likely a private residence or business that is virgin ground for any type of paranormal investigation—then you will probably reap the rewards; at least initially and for a short time there afterwards. However, spirits appear to catch on to the game rather quickly.

Let’s face it, regardless of the location there will be those occasions when you will not get a thing on your audio recorder. Bad for the paying venue, discouraging for you….

Possibly these ethereal ghosts are plain bored and not in a chatty mood. Maybe they are concentrating on hiding while waiting for you to leave. Most likely they have tired of the silly pet tricks requested of them as introduced through paranormal television. We assume that “intelligent” hauntings are generated by spirits with some semblance of free will. If so their earthly temperament has made the journey with them, resulting in having moody periods of not wanting to perform, much less carry on a conversation.

If they have the intelligence associated with transcending physical death and remaining behind for purposes we can only guess at, wouldn’t one reason they occasionally will want to take the night off? And possessing this said intelligence, with the unending parade of ambitious investigators sharing space with them for a few hours of horseplay, wouldn’t you think that by now they would know what an audio recorder is? Especially when you are vocally announcing that you are placing one.

There is one simple manner—a new approach for some—of trying to get around this problem of tongue-tied spirits. It has worked for me…and will until “they” catch on.

I understand that you must know the location of your recorder. Days, weeks, or months later when you are reviewing the audio you will not remember exactly where you placed it. Stealth and craftiness is the order of the day. When doing an EVP recording make a casual comment at the start of the session, such as—“Oh what an unusual kitchen” as you slip the recorder on the counter and walk away, paying it no further attention. Or, keep a journal to write down your recorder locations and in what order they are placed. Or, at the end of the session gather up your recorder and then comment on where it was placed. All of these will give you the information you need at a later review.

The key is to hit the record button, set it down in spy mode and go on with your business. Give it a try. This gets results more often than not.

We’ll cover static (or roving) video cameras in a future article, but suffice to say—If a spirit is “world-wise” enough to recognize when an audio recording session is happening, wouldn’t you suspect they would also recognize a video camera? Most spirits will go out of their way not to be photographed. It becomes quite the hunt. IR lights attached to a roving video or DVR camera would by now make a statement to a wise spirit in the general scheme of paranormal hide and seek. But, if our earthly personalities carry over with us after death, then a dumb spirit is fruit for the picking.

Again, craftiness and a degree of stealth will garner better results at the end of the evening.

Don’t blatantly position a video camera in the middle of a suspected haunted hallway. It will stand like a towering albatross broadcasting your intentions. Tuck it away at a lower level, peeking around the doorframe into the said hallway and see what happens.

It comes down to outthink, outwit, outplay. Hmmm…sounds familiar.

Good times!

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