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Trick train your horse for physical and mental agility


  • Pat 6 years ago

    This is the most fabulous horse I've ever seen!!!

  • Lea, Dallas Day Trips & Dallas Food 6 years ago

    What a beautiful horse, and smart, too! It's amazing what she's learned after only three sessions. How many more do you think the horse will need before she brings all four up onto the pedestal?

  • Kathy K. 6 years ago

    Hi Lea,
    Thanks for your comment and question. I cannot tell you exactly how many more sessions it will take for Miss B to stand with all 4 feet on the pedestal because it depends on her and how fast she learns to be comfortable with her rear feet brought up under her belly. This is difficult for a horse like Miss B because she has a long back as compared to short backed horses like most Quarter Horses. If I had to quess, though, I would expect Miss B to have all 4 feet on within 4 to 8 more sessions. Again, this may seem like a lot, but we take it slow and easy; everyone stays safe. Take a lot at my other articles on trick training and you will see our big paint horse on the pedestal. Again, Thanks for your comment.

  • Kathy K. 6 years ago

    You will like my other article, Just click on the link above titled: "Don't forget that horse training must start with the first steps" and you will see Nater with all 4 feet on the pedestal.
    Kathy K.

  • Marcia K., Chicago 6 years ago

    Hello Kathy, I enjoyed both the article and the video. I am glad to see how gentle and patient the horsewoman is with Miss B, and how gentle and patient Miss B is with the horsewoman.

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