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Trick Tips: How to Drop into a Transition

Local rider Nick Edwards drops in on a half pipe in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Local rider Nick Edwards drops in on a half pipe in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Photo by Raymond D. Petersen III

It is officially 2010! The start of a brand new 365 days of our lives; or the next 3650 days for the next decade. With this start of a brand new era, most of us will create resolutions to better our lives. Among most of these goals most of us fellow riders will resolve to better our skill levels on our boards. But there are also some riders out there who are wishing to get started on trying new ideas, to help them step out of their comfort zone at the skate park.

This article is going to be a bit different for I will be giving an instructional on achieving a basic trick that is essential for every rider to know in a skate park, the drop in.

Before building up the courage to dropping in, first begin warming up by practicing skating back and forth on a mini half pipe, or mini ramp. As you ride along the curving transition of the ramp be sure to keep your body square with the board. Keep your knees bent a slight bit. This will keep your balanced centered along with the board. As you find yourself riding backwards, or switch, on the ramp be sure to lean forward on your front foot, while keeping you body still squared on the board. If you lean backwards you will find yourself falling against the ramp.

After a few practice runs it is time to step up to the top of the ramp. First place the tail end of the board on the top of the coping in a way that your back wheels rest on the top of the ramp's transition, and in front of the piping. At first you will want to keep all your weight concentrated on your back foot as it rests on the board's tail, until you are read to drop.

Next place your front foot on the screw holes on the front end of the board, while still keeping your weight concentrated to the back. Once you have your footing set begin to drop into the ramp by transferring all of your weight from your back foot to the front foot. As you transfer your weight your board will begin to roll down the ramp. If you keep all of your weight on the front end of the board, your front wheels will quickly touch the ramp, allowing you to have a smooth ride with good center balance. Before you know if you will be down the ramp having the time of your life.

If you end up falling on your back during the drop in, it is because you have not transferred enough weight to the front of the board. It does sound odd but leaning completely on that front foot will allow you to successfully drop in.

Congratulations you have learned an essential trick for riding on half pipes as well as bowls or any transition. From here you will begin to learn a whole new line of tricks that have the same basic concept such as a 50-50 drop in, kick turns, and the rock to fakie. If you have any further questions about learning the drop in feel free to email me at


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