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Trick Pony back together after eight year split

Trick Pony rides again, band reunites in 2014
Trick Pony rides again, band reunites in 2014
Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

After a six year drought, country band Trick Pony is getting back together. On February 11, MusicRow reported that the three original band members, Heidi Newfield, Keith Burns and Ira Dean would be returning to the recording studio together.

Though Trick Pony officially disbanded in 2008, the original members haven’t been together since 2006. Heidi Newfield had left the group in hopes of a solo career, but when her replacements didn’t ride things out with Trick Pony, the group was out of tricks. The fact that it’s the original members reuniting should thrill fans all the more.

Music Row reported that the band had been asked to perform together at a benefit concert after the Boston marathon bombing last year and found themselves hitting it off once again.

On Trick Pony’s new website, Heidi Newfield is quoted as saying:

We instantly started cutting up and laughing and talking about remember this and remember that. My face hurt from two and a half hours of laughing about all this stuff that we’d done and swapping stories. It was like literally three old friends picking up where the good stuff left off.

From there, Ira Dean is quoted as saying he didn’t think the band had come close to making their best music yet.

So, the band started talking again and one thing led to another, explains Heidi Newfield:

So we began to talk about where our heads were creatively and about building the right strategy,” says Heidi. “It just so happened that we were kind of in the same place. We were all open-minded to where we wanted to go musically. It’s never cool to leave any project – whether it’s a band or solo – in a situation where you don’t feel like you’ve made your absolute best record yet. We all agreed that we could do better, and from there, we began to get fired up. I think that was a pivotal moment where we all felt like we could be Trick Pony again.

Ira Dean added:

We said let’s just get together and write, look for songs and have fun in the studio to see if there’s something there. So we went in and wrote, dug through catalogs and listened. We’ve just started scratching the surface with this stuff, but there’s something there … there’s definitely something there.

Fans who remember Trick Pony’s songs “Pour Me,” “On A Night Like This,” or “Just What I Do” will quickly agree that talented trio should make more music. Many felt the band broke up prematurely, but in 2014, Trick Pony is already getting “applause” for reuniting.

Blake Shelton posted to his Twitter:

Awesome! Looks like my longtime friends Trickpony are back together... Check out

The Oak Ridge boys also tweeted:

Welcome back @TrickPonymusic [and @NickelCreek]

There is no word yet on when fans might expect a new album, but Trick Pony does have a sampling of songs available on their new website.

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