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Tribute group's debut at Monkees Convention was big success, bassist says

Michael Kropp, who plays bass guitar in tribute group the Monkeephiles, told the Monkees Examiner his band had a great time at Monkees Convention 2014, that included a photo session with Monkees Peter Tork, Mike Nesmith and Micky Dolenz.

The Monkeephiles at Monkees Convention 2014 meet up with the Monkees and fans.
The Monkeephiles at Monkees Convention 2014 meet up with the Monkees and fans.
Courtesy the Monkeephiles
From left, Peter Tork, Ryan Fenton, Michael Kropp, Mike Nesmith, John Roginski, Micky Dolenz,, Bill Shinn. In front: Paul Venturi.
Jen Alexander
  • See photos of the Monkeephiles at the convention in the slideshow.

“Our band (The Monkeephiles) played their first-ever shows on Saturday at the convention. We had an amazing time. There were so many nice people to meet and everyone was so friendly to us,” he said.

The band consists of John Roginski on rhythm guitar and keyboards, Paul Venturi on keyboards and percussion, Bill Shinn on lead guitar, Michael Kropp on bass and Ryan Fenton on drums.

Kropp said among the highlights was meeting Mike, Peter, and Micky for a photo mere minutes before rushing to the stage to play that first show.

“Mike saw us in the hallway and told us that he liked our shirts, so we brought a shirt for each guy when we met them for the photo,” he said.

Kropp also said playing the show in front of so many Monkees fans who sang along was a lot of fun. They also played an all-acoustic sing-a-long show in the hotel lobby early Saturday evening and were interviewed by British radio and TV host Ian Lee.

“We also met some really cool celebs who were very supportive. A couple of us even ended up having dinner with Butch Patrick (of 'The Munsters').”

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