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Tribute band No Duh rocks it at the Whisky a Go-Go

No Duh performs on "The World's Greatest Tribute Bands"
No Duh performs on "The World's Greatest Tribute Bands"
Renee Silverman

It’s no doubt No Duh was chosen to perform on season three of “The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands” which aired Monday, Feb 10 on AXS.TV live from the Whisky a Go-Go. Show host and producer, Katie Daryl, had her eye on this group since season one but through a variety of circumstances couldn’t get them on until now. When she personally called the band’s bassist EJ Curse she was greeted with a less than enthusiastic reaction. Katie explains, “The opposite reaction I usually get from bands. It's as if he stayed in rock star character and just knew his band was worthy of the honor. And they certainly were”. She continues, “I always knew they were going to over deliver and be fantastic . . . “

As a tribute to Ska-popsters No Doubt, No Duh proves there’s more to this tribute band thing than meets the eye. In 2004, for their very first gig, No Duh played Gwen Stefani’s solo CD release party in Hollywood and on their third gig, No Doubt surprised them by showing up and sitting in with the band. Not too shabby. In 2009, they toured Kuwait and Iraq for our troops and have been featured on Good Morning America and CNN Headline News. Since then they’ve played over 500 shows and counting.

Just like the real No Doubt, No Duh band members are based out of Orange County, CA. Bony Yanow (aka EJ Curse) is a veteran bass player currently performing with Gilby Clarke (Guns 'n Roses). He also writes and records music for major record labels and movie/television soundtracks. Aintso Young (aka Rodney Pino) doesn’t seem to mind wearing a pink tutu while he does his thing on the drums. Mr. Pino owns his own recording and rehearsal studio in the South Bay. Having played guitar with John Tesh, Tom Doomee (aka Randy Simer) contributes his guitar-pertise to the band. And last, but certainly not least, that bundle of energy herself, Spen Gjormani [pronounced: spend-yur-money] (aka Heather E. Lounsbury/Curse). Besides playing the role of Gwen Stefani, Ms. Loundsbury has sung with Barry Manilow, Tower of Power, and does other sound/look-alikes as Debbie Harry, Cindy Lauper, Lady Gaga and Madonna, plus she’s a songwriter, artist and voiceover actress. That’s a lot in one package.

Performing for a packed house, No Duh came out guns ‘a blazing with “Sunday Morning”. A dead ringer for Gwen Stefani, Spen displayed her mannerisms and unmistakable vocal style down to a tee and from start to finish there was no question that you were actually watching Gwen herself. Her stage presence and connection with the audience, even with jib cameras flying overhead, were seamless. The show was filled with fun and surprises like the song “Turning Japanese” tossed in for laughs, but perhaps the most thrilling part of the show was during “Sweet Escape” when cheerleaders with pom-poms filled the stage and performed a choreographed dance number while bubbles filled the air. The crowd, hands pumping, were singing along and loving every minute of it.

Sunday Morning
Hey, Baby
Don’t Speak
It’s My Life
Hella Good
Sweet Escape
Excuse Me, Mister
Underneath In All
Just A Girl

You can catch a live show every Monday on AXS.TV “The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands.” The broadcast airs at 8PM (PT) and repeats at 11PM (PT). You can also bring yourself down to the Whisky a Go-Go and see the show in person. Just make sure to grab your tickets at Eventbrite and get to the theater early. See you there.

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