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Tribute: Alexander McQueen inspiration

The All Seasons Shirtdress
Alexander McQueen in 2008.
Photo: AP - FILE.

Today is a sad day for the fashion world as Alexander McQueen, 40, passed away suddenly in his London home (

A cutting edge designer, McQueen was known for his gothic, rebellious style and for his current futuristic looks in the
Spring 2010 Collection. He studied fashion at Central St. Martins College in London, apprenticed on Savile Row, and worked as head designer for Givenchy before starting his own label (Wikipedia).

For a history of McQueen's aesthetic, UK's TimesOnline presents a timeline of his work since 2000.

Below are some of the more "affordable" items from the McQueen label.

          ($260)          ($382.50)      ($149)          

                            ($330)        ($144)       ($93)              


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