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Tribal Seeds light up SDSU Open Air Theatre

Local San Diegans Tribal Seeds are well on the way of releasing their 6th studio album, Representing. But on Friday, San Diego got a sneak peek at some of the songs at their release party at the Open Air theatre. Check out the review here.

Tribal Seeds at SDSU Open Air Theatre-slide0
Photo: Lauren Wilson

The Open Air Theatre provided a natural light (for most of the night) and cool airy breeze, a perfect setting for the 420 crowd. In fact, the theatre created a natural… dare I say… bowl of smoke as several people were lighting up during the opening sets. As soon as the band took the stage, they were joined by their team, who held giant tubes that blew perfect rings of smoke out from the mouth of a giant marijuana leaf into the audience. (No, I couldn’t make this up if I tried). They started off with “The Garden,” from the 2009 album, The Harvest, which set the tone of a very friendly 420 show. A few songs later, they began to get into their newer stuff as they began playing songs off of their new album, such as “Fill It Up,” “Blood Clot,” and “Moonlight.”

The energy of the show was contagious. Everyone was out of their seat, and those who were lucky enough to get the closest seats, chose to stand along the barricade to get as close as they could to the action. Ryan Gonzalez and Steven Rene Jacobo led the group, providing most of the vocals. E.N. Young bounced around at the keys, and at some point took off his hat to let down an ocean of the most impressive dreadlocks I’ve ever seen.

Halfway through their set, two singers joined them onstage for a song. At this point, there was an impressive amount of fans off in the wings and back of the stage swaying along with the music. Whether or not they were randomly grabbed from the crowd, I don’t know. But the addition of fans all around created a welcoming atmosphere that encapsulates the ambiance of Tribal Seeds’s music.

Tribal Seeds will be making their way around Southern California for a few shows so if you are in the area, definitely consider checking them out. Representing releases May 13th

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