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'Tribal Cop' Andrew Orozco says, 'Action packed, Mystery, Natives can relate'

Night time cops
Night time cops
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The “Tribal Cop” screenplay table read will take place Saturday Feb. 15, 2014 at UNM in Albuquerque, N.M. from 1-4 p.m (Santa Ana Room). It is open to the public. Roscoe Pond (Umatilla/Nez Perce) who wrote the screenplay has assembled a mostly Native American cast for the table read. Several native actors & actresses are so dedicated to their work. They are willing to come from out-of-state to read a part.

Roscoe wrote his screenplay back in 2010 because of the lack of lead roles for Native men in films & on TV. “Tribal Cop” has evolved over three years with several producers attached who have now come & gone. Funding has fallen through & grants were denied, but Roscoe believes in his project. The actor table read has been put off four times in the last two years because of rewrites.

Here is a short synopsis of “Tribal Cop.” - “Stephan Luna & his tribal cop partner Luke Byers investigate the death of a male tribal member. His body was burned beyond recognition in a car behind the Indian Casino. Toxic waste was dumped on the reservation, another dead body is found & Stephan's own brother goes missing. The race is on to solve the mystery.”

Several Native performers who will be at the table reading of “Tribal Cop” made a few comments.

Aldred 'ShoKestewa' Montoya (Lieutenant Baca), “In reading through the screenplay - I like it. It's kind of like one can, take a deep breath, look off in the sight, and feel the positive energy there-in a modern Native story. Images of the story/screenplay come to life in my mind's eye, close ups, broad scenic cinematography, casino grandeur, solemnity and action. And two modern friends who happen to be Tribal Police Officers.”

Aldred goes onto say, “Truly, Reservation life is similar to the outside world in some ways. On any Native Reservation, there is good, there is religious culture. There is also the bad side of life and the workings of negative factors which Natives deal with in their own cultural way. It's a two-world life and in reading the screenplay. I can applaud Roscoe's insight and experience in telling this story, in the way of Native culture. Truly, I am excited to have the opportunity to read an up-and-coming Native story, written by a Native man. I like it and I think you will too.”

Avu Dahl (“M”) says, “I am so looking forward to reading with all of the other characters.”

Wambli Eagleman (O.T. Luna) states, “Amazingly well written!”

Andrew Orozco (Calvert Washington) says, “(The) Trible Cop screenplay movie is action-packed with mystery and suspense. Lots of drama that natives can relate to. Roscoe Pond is putting native main-stream back on the map, and bringing something new to film than just your typical native flim. Amazing. Two thumbs up!”

Rog Benally (Luke Byers) stated, “I contacted Roscoe Pond in hopes of being part of the project no matter how small the role. I just want to work and get my name out there. I wasn't expecting the role of Luke Byers (2nd leading role in Tribal Cop). I'm so excited and I hope to do my best and give it my all. Nothing is promised in this business you always have to give it your all, and act like you own it whether if its acting or any other career you are trying to pursue. Keep working on your dreams. You never know what just might happen!”

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