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Triathletes - Best Weight Training Exercises

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Summer opens up the triathlon season to many places where warm weather is key for the swim portion of the event. With that in mind here are three key exercises for every triathlete to include in their strength training workouts between the swim, run and bike distances they'll need to obtain to complete the race.

Biking, running and swimming are the three components of a triathlon.

Here are a few great training resistance exercises to perform deck side or in the gym. Perform 2-3 sets of 15 repetitions of each exercise or as indicated below.

  1. Lat Pull down with Resistance Tubing - Standing with tubing held in hands overhead and slightly in front of the body, pull one arm down towards the rib cage. The stable arm gets an isometric workout while the moving arm gets eccentric training which strengthens the lats.
  2. Chest Fly with Resistance Tubing - Place tube around a stationary object and extending arms to the side, alternate bringing one hand to center. Keep body in place with good posture and abs drawn in. This exercise helps build rotational core stabilization which can increase cross pattern speed.
  3. Overhead Dumbell Squat - Start with weight extended overhead and feet shoulder distance apart. Slowly bend the knees and press hips to the back. By keeping the weight stable overhead, you can increase long body stabilization which can lengthen your stroke mechanics.
  4. Bridge - A strong kick comes from strengthening the hamstrings and glutes. Start on the deck with two chairs and place head and shoulders on one chair and then place feet on second chair. Hold this straight line position for 15-30 seconds working up to one minute.

If you haven't completed your first triathlon or your a seasoned athlete, a sprint distance could be the starting point to JUMP into this type of racing. Of course, you don't have to compete against anyone but yourself.

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