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Trial and error

It takes time for a parent to realize their child's needs.
It takes time for a parent to realize their child's needs.

Parenting can be one of the most frustrating jobs, but I assure you it is also the most rewarding. You give birth to your baby and realize your life has changed. You think you are so prepared as you have purchased many supplies such as diapers, blankets and furniture. You even probably read at least one book on child birth, early childhood and/or parenting.

What you soon realize is that a child doesn’t come with its own schematic. What the book might say your child will do, doesn’t happen. What you soon realize is that parenting is trial and error. You keep trying and you find something that works. A feeding schedule is a good example. Many child behavior books mention the importance of developing a feeding schedule. Every four hours seems to be the most recommended. There are so many variables that come into play. How many ounces does your child take at one feeding? How many ounces can your child consume based on their own innate stomach capacity? Are you using formula or nursing? What is the sleeping pattern that is emerging?

A good idea is to keep copious notes. You are probably thinking; write things down with this new baby who needs my whole attention. Yes, write down each day the feeding schedule, times, amounts, etc. After a few days or weeks, you might see a pattern emerge. Maybe every three hours works best, maybe six ounces rather than five ounces of formula. Whatever the results, you can visually see what is and is not working. Develop a schedule based on the aspects that worked, and a feeding schedule has emerged, a schedule that fits your child’s needs.

You will find that keeping a daily journal will assist you in better understanding your developing child. Each child is unique with its own inborn clock, temperament and emerging personality. As a parent, it is your job to discover these many magical aspects of your child.