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Trey Songz, “SmartPhones,” and Social Media: The App Experience

Trey Songz The App Experience 2014 "SmartPhones" and Social Media
Trey Songz The App Experience 2014 "SmartPhones" and Social Media
Lisa Bowen-Moore iPhone Snapshots

Trey Songz is no stranger to social media, his Facebook page boasts of 17 million likes, and his Twitter account has 7 million followers, and his Instagram 2 million. He, Come Together Create and FortyAU have released an innovative app platform where a user can break into Trey Songz’ smartphone. This comes in tandem of his new music video, “SmartPhones” the second single from his new album “Trigga” which debuts July 1st, 2014.

Trey Songz, “SmartPhones,” and Social Media: The App Experience
Lisa Lorraine Bowen iPhone Snapshot

Type in the following url: from a smartphone device and you will be taken to Trey’s Smartphone where all the desktop apps are active.

Slide to Access

Then type in his code 7114:

You will then be dropped into a home screen of apps that you access to view, interact, and share Trey Songz content.

The video icon hosts the world premiere of his new single, “SmartPhones” that you can watch in full. The lyrics to “SmartPhones” touches on the subject of how people are dependent on their phones to connect with others but sometimes that technology can put someone in a position to over share inappropriately. His line “SmartPhones, dumb stuff” says it all. Essentially the song is about how Trey Songz is caught cheating when his smartphone pocket dials his girlfriend.

The photos icon shares an intimate collection of Trey that will be a fan pleaser.

The contact icon allows you to enter your name and phone number sharing it with Trey. This data will probably be stored in a fan database, and later be given to his The Angel Network a social network for his fans. The Angel Network should not be confused with Oprah’s Angel Network, which is a public charity foundation.

In all this app is an innovative way for a musician to reach out through social media to promote to fans.