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Trent Reznor urges fans to boycott Pretty Hate Machine reissue

Legitimate goth credibility called into question
Legitimate goth credibility called into question
High school

Don't be fooled by the packaging: Trent Reznor is feuding with a former record label following their decision to re-release the classic nine inch nails debut album, Pretty Hate Machine.

According to Reznor, who went on Twitter to disavow the release, the so-called re-packing is "... a record label bullshit move repackaging the old version. Ignore please."

In other words, don't run out and expect anything new or previously unreleased from the first album. Not that an album like Pretty Hate Machine should ever be expanded anyway, because it's pretty much perfect to begin with. Sure, listening to it as an adult, there are a few cringeworthy emo moments lyrically, but it's still a fantastic record.

In other Reznor not news, it's absolutely a shame that the people behind Harry Potter missed out on a fantastic opportunity to have him cameo in Deathly Hallows II as a slightly younger Snape.