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Trendy hairstyle for Valentine's Day, avoid bright red hair

Singer Leona Lewis arrives at the Love Ball, in aid of The Naked Heart Foundation, at The Roundhouse on February 23, 2010 in London, England.
(Claire R Greenway/Getty Images)

Rihanna, Kandi Burruss, Coko and Traci Braxton are all successful women with different styles. As with any woman, not everything that works for one will work for another. But one hairstyle that never works on anyone (and one they've all tried) is bright red hair. Please stop doing that to your hair, ladies. It's distracting and you look like Stephen King's "It" clown no matter how beautiful you are. Do not dye your hair bright red for Valentine's Day, or buy a Rashidah Ali weave any day of the year.

Since the love day is on its way, there is one hairstyle that's complimentary to every woman's hair type and style. It's trendy for the holiday and works for all hair textures: the side braid.

When black women were kids, they remember the days when their mothers would part their hair down the middle and braid each side into two braids from the temple to the kitchen. Or, maybe four braids instead of two (picture A$AP Rocky). But the kid braiding days are over with.

This braid is a little sexier. Singer Leona Lewis (photo above) has a loose braid on her left-hand side. Try that but then loosely braid the right side, too. The two braids (from the back) will resemble a heart.

Feel free to test out red pins, barrettes, flowers and even lace to tie the two ends together. It's simple, chic, and works well for long and short dresses.

If your hair is short, try braiding a little higher up on the head as opposed to by the ear and below. Depending on what you get into on VDay, this is also a great hairstyle that won't unravel easily.

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