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Trendsetters- Part 5

Hey Trendsetters!

Beautifully corn roll styles for a carefree summer.

Highlighting yet again another timeless classic... "Corn Roll Braids." For all that are not quite sure exactly what this style is, I have included several pictures for you to view and a few I am sure you will love as well.

Corn Rolls are the timeless style of braids that are interlocked and braided neatly against your scalp. These braids are so versatile in style that you could get them corn rolled up into a fancy and elegant up do or even just have them braided all back with the braids cascading past your shoulders. Which ever style you should choose, define it by the personality and flair that's already within you. Believe me if you are in search of an easy going style of elegance and beauty or just a style that requires no fuss... you must try the corn roll braids.

Todays award for trendsetters definitely goes to the Corn Roll Braids. Corn rolls are truly a timeless classic style. It is dated well past what American history would record it as and as we can all see this trend and timeless style is obviously not going anywhere. If you are wondering about prices for a professional braider, these prices vary from style and techniques used. Generally though the overall average at any braiding shop should run between $50-$150.

So have fun with your hair this summer as you explore all the beautiful stress free and carefree styles... Be beautifully You.. Trendsetters!

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