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Trendsetters- Part 4

Hey Trendsetters!!

Jheri Curl back in style!

Today's highlight and trendsetter is not on a person but on a style. The One and Only - (dun, dun, dun)... "Jheri Curl!" The "Jheri Curl ?!", we all say with upraised eyes and puzzled expressions while reading more. Yes!! You heard right- The Jheri Curl!

The Jheri Curl blazed the scene in the late 70's and was soon a household commodity to those desiring a cool but curly long lasting style. Well, wouldn't you be surprised to know that the Jheri Curl hasn't lost its flavor? Well surprise, in todays day and time- it still reigns! The Jheri Curl is still in existence and is being worn in the format of wigs with less juice and drip. :)

I've put together a slideshow to prove and show just how the trendsetter "Jheri Curl hasn't lost its flavor and versatile style. The wearers of today are going for a quick and easy low maintenance style. That quick and easy fix without putting your own beautiful tresses through the motions.

The Jheri Curl is a great escape from the mundane of your usual everyday fixes. It is absolutely great for the summertime months. You will look like a brand new woman as you search and find the one with highlights and one that is tailored exactly to your personal liking. It creates that curly but carefree and low maintenance look to easily blend with your cool, vibrant summer attire. The best part about it is, tomorrow when you feel like trying something brand new- that option is now completely up to you.

Enjoy the day Trendsetters!

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