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Trendsetters: Part 2

Who started the trend of the short cropped hair that we wear 2day?
Who started the trend of the short cropped hair that we wear 2day?

Hey Trendsetters!!

Told you I would be discussing all month long the styles and people who influenced the trends we now embrace and see today. I have decided to highlight none other than- "Gladys Knight" or is it "Aretha Franklin?"

Hmmmm, I definitely am undecided on which trail blazed the short cropped style that we so presently title the "Tara Weave style." The Tara Weave style is a short cropped hairstyle tapered and cut to frame the face perfectly. It gives you the look of a short cut without having to cut your own hair and provides such grace and elegance to its wearers. I would also go as far as to say those really big eyelashes and eye makeup was also redefined and tailored from way back in the 60's as well.

Since I cant decide who started it first in mainstream for the world to see on stage, I'll just attribute the honor to both of these trailblazers. The award (as if I have any) goes to Aretha Franklin and Gladys Knight for trailblazing and setting the trend with the short cropped style known today as the Tara Weave. If you know for sure who was 1st, please inform us all as I am clearly in search of that information.

Good Day Trendsetters! :)