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Trends that Health Clubs are Migrating Towards in 2014

Consumers want excellent service and hassle-free memberships.
Consumers want excellent service and hassle-free memberships.
Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images

Recently, Club Business International did an in-depth study concerning the trends that health clubs are expected to migrate towards in the year 2014. Some of the authorities that were interviewed, including Bill McBride, Hans Muench, and Roger Sargent, will be present at the Annual International Convention and Trade Show. The trade show, sponsored by IHRSA, will take place in San Diego, California beginning on March 12, 2014.

Bill McBride, President of BMC3, says that consumers of today are much more different than they were in past years. Consumers now expect excellent service and hassle-free membership amenities. Most of these customers research health club facilities online before visiting them in person.

Hans Muench, Director of the IHRSA in Europe, says that the health and fitness industry is a billion-dollar industry; however, there is a little bit of stagnant growth due to the troubled economy. Eastern Europe will soon match the United States in market size, however.

Another trend noticed by Roger Sargent, General Manager of Cooper Fitness Center, is the drive towards new streams of revenue. These new streams of revenue include enticing new fitness classes, wellness activities, and other streams of revenue.



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