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Trending jewelry styles to bring out the diva in you

Trending jewelry styles to bring
Trending jewelry styles to bring

This fall step out in fashion; and that just does not mean designer dresses and shoes. Jewelleries are an integral part of fashion. Jewelleries are more than just accessories to accentuate your dress. Jewelleries exude the keen sense of aesthetics one possesses. From the daily life to the red carpet, jewelleries have made and broken images. So it is very necessary to know what kind of earrings you should flaunt this year; should it be the darling chandeliers or the dainty teardrops.

What’s your Colour?

The Radiant Orchid- It has been called Fuchsia, Bright Pink or Feeble Red; but the Radiant Orchid has held its position as the favourite colour of 2014. Clothing, shoes, bags and every other thing possible has seen this colour and now even jewellery has caught on.

The Bluest Eye- Sapphire, Topaz, Tanzanite and any other possible blue has been seen on necklaces, hairpins, bracelets and even navel studs. The most overhyped usage of sapphire, till date has been on teardrop earrings. To be completely true, it is difficult for these babies to go out of fashion as long as there are women on this earth.

Happy Orange- With the new trend of colour blocking orange has become a raging favourite among all our fashionistas. Orange perfectly blocks blue and accentuates anything white or black. Simply put on a pair of stunning and quirky studs with orange precious or semi-precious stones and bam! You are ready to attend an after office party. Orange, in no way can ever be overlooked while you are playing around with colours here. Alex designs some inspiringly beautiful jewelry accessories for, and believes that all these colours will be the talk of the bling communities for quote a few months.

What to Wear, Where – the important questions and answers

The Hair Factor- The red carpet definitely saw a lot of green this year; most celebs preferred emeralds over the last season’s amber craze. Emeralds were everywhere, from dainty pendants to gorgeous hairpins. Hair jewellery has become a staple at most of the high profile events. It looks like the bold designs in antique gold are making a huge comeback holding the hands of some daring celebs. In fact these pieces can be completely trusted to jazz up any simple cocktail dress you plan to wear for tonight’s party. ­

The Stickpins- True to their name, you can stick them almost anywhere. A pretty bun, your gorgeous evening gown, shirt, scarf, hat; literally anywhere. These can be slender and slick or radiant and bold. They can be gold or silver. Bling or subtle. What matters is they jazz up anything you put them on. They are the safest option for a formal, high profile dinner party.

Choice of the Bold and the Beautiful- Belly rings, body chains and handlets aren’t usually the options for the feeble hearted. These are daring statements made by pioneers. However they have made a major comeback this year, with celebs and commoners alike. They are definitely a huge opportunity for selling precious jewels. But again, one should be really careful about the statement they are making. Belly rings and body chains are not for every occasion and hence it is mostly the niche of quasi- cosmopolitan and metrosexual customers.

Earcuffs- This is definitely not a fad. 2014 has seen a lot of earcuffs. In gold, platinum and silver’ some amazing designs have dominated the market and one has to literally live under a rock to miss these designs. They make a bold statement and exude a raw appeal blended with the right amount of feminine charm. Earcuffs should definitely be taken seriously. It is very important to remember that they might not look as beautiful or welcoming with your pantsuit as it might on the red carpet. So it is better if you give it a rest during your working hours. Earcuffs are definitely not daily wears and should be kept exclusively for cocktail parties and other events where you would expect people to be as dressed up.

It’s Time for Watches- Watches have long ceased to be just time-telling devices. They are now a part of the accessory craze. Gold watches studded with Swarovski’s have been at the top of the must have lists of all fashion- savvy women and also sometimes men. Watches are something that makes the utilitarian life merge with the world of fashion every day. Fine watches have been an inspiration of beauty and an object of admiration and envy for a long time. And needless to mention they still stand strong on the top trending list this year as well.

Evergreen Studs- For idealizing the minimalist look one should always turn to the studs. Nothing is simpler and yet more pristine as these tiny slivers of beauty sitting on the earlobes. They are not just pocket friendly, they even tend to be apt for both the sexes. Get you own customized set of studs with your favourite precious or semi- precious stone setting today. Studs are somehow the niche of girls and women alike. Even eminent designers are now turning their attention towards designing amazing designs to make studs super cute and super trendy.