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Trend toward Baby Boomer advertising is growing

Curve, the visual online magazine from Getty Images, has an interesting take on a growing trend - marketing that embraces aging, rather than ignoring it.

The magazine - in an article titled ‘The New Old’ - cites a number of marketers who talk about the economic power of older adults and how advertisers are seeking to appeal to both young and old in the same message.

According to Curve, studies by the Leo Burnett Group found that seniors control nearly a third of total U.S. net wealth and this is a pattern repeated across the Western world.“Those brands that make an effort and reach out to seniors--in the right way--will disproportionately earn credibility and respect,” the Curve quoted Leo Burnett chief strategy officer Stephen Hahn-Griffiths as saying.

The article pointed to a couple of examples of advertisements with this type of message.

A commercial from the Super Bowl in 2013 shows seniors tearing up the town followed by a meal at their local Taco Bell.

Another from McDonald’s shows similar lifestyles between the younger and older generations.

The takeaways, as described by the Curve article, are these:

  • Seniors control nearly a third of US wealth and this is a pattern repeated across the globe;
  • Appealing to seniors is not only a matter of showing images of older people but of engaging them;
  • Communications focusing on more positive aspects of ageing are increasingly effective;
  • There is a desire for advertising to depict older people as normal people, living normal lives.
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