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TREND REPORT: The white look

White will always be fresh, clean, healthy and passive; it must represent Peace for a reason, right?

maybe baby skirt: $38.00
Peter Michael Dills/Getty Images

It is a very versatile color; it can be worn during warm and cold seasons; it can be paired with any other shade or print since it is a neutral element; but most people forget that it can also be worn as a dominant color; that means, creating an all-white look.

Although it is an extremely easy trend to follow, it can also be easy to ruin, since it could fall into a boring and monotonous outfit, and nobody wants that!

The key word here is textures! Try to match white pieces with different textures; for example a knitted sweater with a chiffon maxi skirt; a pretty little silk white dress with a white tweed cropped jacket à la Coco Chanel; or, when in doubt, there's always the classic combo of white, maybe also ripped, skinny jeans paired with a basic white tank top and white converse sneakers.

And don't forget that accessories can always be an excellent tool to draw attention and highlight any outfit; decorate your white canvas looks with colorful necklaces, metallic clutch bags or sexy red lips.


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