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Trend Report: Normcore

UNIQLO SPRZ NY Long Long Sleeve Sweatshirt (Keith Haring) $30
UNIQLO SPRZ NY Long Long Sleeve Sweatshirt (Keith Haring) $30

The ever turning pages of fashion terminology is always looking for new ways to branch out--with interestingly random-- yet profoundly relevant words.

Blue Faded Mom Jeans $17

The latest buzz word to catch on is normcore.The newly coined phrase, invented by the editors over at New York Magazine, refers to a trend of "stylized baldness", essential normal wear.

Some say it's re-imagining old-school Hip Hop, others say it's a whisk away to the 90's where fashion seemed a lot easier thus a lot cooler, more relaxed and less pretentious.

Either way, the trend is catching on first popping up on instagram then taking over street style images and even a few minor references on the runways (Prada, Chanel)

The combination of normal plus hardcore would initially appear to work against each other, however, it works out so well that it ends up being both anti-fashion and fashionable at the same time.

Besides, fashion doesn't have to always be so complicated. To master the trend, there are a few basic looks to keep in mind.

- Normcore is primarily athletically inspired fashion. If the idea of sweatshirts and basic running shoes turn you off you probably won't dig this trend.

- It has a 90's theme. The good old 90's just keep re-appearing these days. We couldn't just do with overalls and Doc Martens, we now have to add a few athletic basics to relive the era.

-The palette is standard colors with the occasional streak. We have yet to see a normcore look that features pastels or neon. The look is generally-- as far as color is concerned--a basic lineup consisting of black and white, gray and navy blue with an occasional streak of color thrown in.

-It's a tomboy kind of thing. There really isn't anything girly about this trend. You can mix and match normcore styles with feminine pieces such as a sweatshirt with a mini or sneakers with a dress but that can only take you so far. In other words this trend is a wish come true for tomboys at heart.

So now that we've covered the bases of normcore, think you you can keep up with the trend? Here are a few normcore inspired looks for under $50...

1. UNIQLO SPRZ NY Long Long Sleeve Sweatshirt (Keith Haring) $30

2. Blue Faded Mom Jeans $17

3. Keds Champion Sneakers $45

4. Adidas Miami Logo Print Tee $28

5. H&M Sweatpants $13

6. Compagnia Italiana Hat $48

7. New Balance '420 Tomboy' Sneaker $35

8. Elephant Nose Print Sweatshirt $26

9. Adidas Flower Print Windbreaker $35

10. New Era LA Dodgers Black/Gray 9 FIFTY Basic Snapback Hat $28

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