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Trend Report: Metallic Frames

Gucci Sunglasses $345
Gucci Sunglasses $345

Sunglasses take the cake when it comes to the number one accessory for the summer beating out tote bags and flip flops in its wake. Each season we see a flurry of sunglasses trends.

Dior Eyes Cat Eye Sunglasses $460

The previous spring/summer seasons brought with it embellished shades thanks to the likes of Prada and Dolce & Gabbana who featured exclusive designs for their collections and ad campaigns giving rise to the trend.

And it wasn't just simple dabbles of glitter here are a deco cut out there, we're talking serious standout embellishments like overarching floral designs and wing tipped ends a la Jeremy Scott.

Before then, there was the return of the wayfarer styled shades which took of with the return of vintage inspired looks. And shortly before the wayfarer was a favorite, aviators where the ones to get with the classic style seen in ads from Michael Kors to

This season all eyes are on metallic frames. The fairly simple design with just a tinge of electrifying edge was spotted on ads for Versace and Miu Miu. Metallic frames were also spotted on Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alba and Rihanna.

To help complete your summer look, here are 10 metallic frames to snag this season...

1. Gucci Sunglasses $345

2. Dior Eyes Cat Eye Sunglasses $460

3. Saint Laurent Classic 20 Sunglasses $395

4. Bobby Roache Clifster Sunglasses $250

5. Fendi Mirrored Cat Eye Sunglasses $395

6. River Island Black Metal Trim Sunglasses $30

7. Balmain Studded Metal Aviator Sunglasses $100

8. Marc by Marc Jacobs Sharp Square Sunglasses $145

9. Burberry Sunglasses $230

10. ASOS Ridge Metal Kitten Sunglasses $23

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