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Trend Alert: Romper

Blake Lively 
Photo courtesy of Gettyimages
Blake Lively Photo courtesy of Gettyimages

Nicole Richie, photo courtesy of

The trend of the romper is nothing new, but it seems like every store you go into and any street you cross in this city you seem to see someone in a romper. This trend is ill received by a lot of fashion critics, but I love it! It is my favorite trend of the season and love that in Columbus it is now hot enough to wear it. Recently Target had a great sale on rompers selling them for $5, needless to say I went crazy on this sale. Any store you go into you will find great deals on them. The fact that a romper puts together a shirt or tank top attached to shorts makes the hassle of getting dressed in the morning so much quicker. My favorite way to wear the romper is with sheer leggings or tights underneath. Rompers are a retro alternate to a dress. My favorite part of the romper is that it is so easy to wear with TOMS, wedges, or sandals and is super practical. Ladies, my advice to you when searching for a romper is to keep it simple and find ones that will still make you look as classy as always. Rompers are perfect to wear at local Columbus outings, such as Gallery Hops the first Saturday of every month and all the festivals this summer: Comfest, Jazz and Rib Festival, etc..

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  • @parmie - SF Women's Fashion Examiner 5 years ago

    Rompers are fantastic, especially when paired with the right footwear!

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