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Trend Alert: Denim shorts

Beyonce wearing casual denim shorts at a concert.
Photo courtesy of dailymail
Beyonce wearing casual denim shorts at a concert. Photo courtesy of dailymail

Rachel Bilson. Photo courtesy of

Summer is half way over and probably the biggest fashion trend of the summer overall has to be denim shorts. Denim, in general, has had a big comeback this year, with the denim shirts and dresses that came in the spring, but the denim shorts are seen on everyone this summer. I am all for this trend, partially because it is just so easy and can be worn down or up with the right shirt and shoes. Another perk of this trend is the fact the shorts work at every length. From the short shorts to the bermuda style to the mid-thigh length, which are my personal favorite. Every store you go to in the mall will carry the trend, but the cheaper and eco-friendly alternative is to find an old pair of jeans that you were going to throw out and cut them up to the length you desire. Most shorts sold in stores can be excessive with the frayed look and makes it look trashy, but I think slight frayed look just brings out the true material of denim. Another option of wearing the shorts are cuffed, which is seen the most often. Also the trend of wearing sheer tights under shorts also applies to denim shorts. I love the look of tights under shorts and especially black ones under a light shaded denim that are short length. If you haven't already make sure to get your own pair because there is still time.

Look through the slideshow if you want to see your favorite celebrities sporting the hottest trend of the summer! 


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