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Tree Of Woe branches out at Steel City Underground

Tree Of Woe branches out at Steel City Underground.
Tree Of Woe branches out at Steel City Underground.
Sareth Ney

PUEBLO, Colo.—Tree of Woe reached new heights at Steel City Underground, on March 29. They were the headliners, The Chelios Condition and Burns Like Hell were the opening acts and Scrotus was the direct support.
Keith Keeran is the drummer, Jeff “Jefe” Montoya is the guitarist, Chris Forsyth is the vocalist and Chris “Tucker” Walker is the bassist of Tree of Woe. Walker was absent, for the performance.

Tree Of Woe branches out at Steel City Underground.
Sareth Ney

Prior to beginning Tree of Woe’s recital with “The New American Dream”, Forsythe greeted the crowd. He mentioned it had been awhile since they played a show in Pueblo, Colo. He went onto joke how they had traveled quite the long distance of less than 50 miles from Colorado Springs, Colo. He briefly spoke of how they were a four piece band and how Walker was unable to attend, due to personal reasons. Shortly after, Keeran and Montoya provided the instrumentals and Forsyth provided the vocals.

Before the start of “Burned + Forgotten”, Forsyth mentioned Tree of Woe would be releasing a new record soon and the majority of the songs being performed would be on it. Then, he introduced the name of the song and continued their performance.

After Tree Of Woe completed “Nailed To A Cross”, Forsyth went onto dedicate “The War Is Over (Drugs Won)” to all of the marijuana users in attendance. He also dedicated it to recently departed lead vocalist of Gwar, Dave Brockie.
“Bound By Secrecy” brought out fans to the open area and they formed a circle pit. Those attempting to form it gently pressed their hands on the chests of others, if they were up for joining. Some joined in, while others stepped away and kept their distance.

“Doomer” brought an end to Tree of Woe’s concert. Keeran spoke away from the microphone and dedicated the song to Burns Like Hell and Forsyth did the same. As the song was coming to a conclusion, Forsyth thanked the crowd. After Keeran and Montoya stopped the music, Forsyth mentioned they would be back and showed his appreciation for the do-it-yourself venues. He went onto say they were far and in-between and promised they would be back. He also provided future concert dates.

“Crowbar To The Neck”, “Enemies In Shadow”, “The End Of Gods”, “Failure”, “Doom”, “Judgment Laid Down”, “What Should Stay Dead”, “Bohica” and “Pure Violence” were also a part of Tree of Woe’s set.

Next show for Tree of Woe:

April 4 – Triple Nickel Tavern, in Colorado Springs, Colo.