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Tree-like dendrimers may offer drug delivery system for neurodegenerative ills

Chronic inflammation plays a role in many neurodegenerative diseases, such as cerebral palsy. But a branched tree-like structure called a dendrimer could provide the basis of a new way to deliver helpful drugs to people who suffer from neurdegenrative disorders.

Johns Hopkins University professor Kannan Rangaramanujan will present “Dendrimer-based nanotherapeutics for the treatment of neuroinflammation” on Monday, January 30 at 1:30 p.m. in the Talbot Library (Traylor 709) at the Johns Hopkins University medical campus. His presentation will be broadcast simultaneously to the Homewood campus in the Rome Room (Clark 110), as well as available to the public in a live webcast.

Dendrimers are built from smaller subunits and are made at the nanoscale, which is just a handful of atoms. Their branched structures makes it easier for them to carry molecules of drugs and deliver to specific locations, even across the barrier that projects the brain.

"Dendrimers, when combined with drugs, could deliver therapies to quell inflammation, leading to functional improvements in neurodegenerative diseases," Rangaramanujan said.

A full scientific abtract of Rangarmanujan’s talk can be read here.

Professor Rangaramanujan is a professor in the Center for Nanomedicine in the Department of Ophthalmology/Wilmer Eye Institute at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He comes to Hopkins from Wayne State University in Detroit, where he was in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science.

This talk is part of the Johns Hopkins University Biomedical Engineering Seminar Series. Future seminar topics may be found on the BME seminar calendar.




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