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Tree falls on car: Two girls in backseat of car killed, pregnant mother grieving

A tree falls on a car, killing two young girls and injuring mother
A tree falls on a car, killing two young girls and injuring mother
Photo File, Flickr (Berkeley Side)

A tree falls on a car, killing two girls in the backseat and leaving their pregnant mother grieving over the senseless loss. The freak incident this week on a Pennsylvania highway left two young sisters dead as well as four other passengers in the car seriously injured. News Max shares the tragic details on the children’s deaths and how their mother is trying to cope with the pain this Thursday, June 26, 2014.

This Monday afternoon in Pennsylvania, while 36-year-old Jason Himebaugh was driving the family’s vehicle with his longtime girlfriend, Ashley Lichty, horror struck as a tree fell on their car. Four girls were in the backseat, all of whom were daughters of the 26-year-old pregnant mother from a past relationship. While driving across Route 403, the devastated mom said she heard a massive cracking sound above her and her girls, then everything became a blur.

According to the press release, a large tree had apparently snapped from its rotted trunk and collapsed right on top of their Pontiac Grand AM while the car was passing over a hill. Knocked unconscious, driver Jason Himebaugh careened off the local road as the vehicle finally crashed directly into a utility pole.

Two little girls in the backseat were killed in the fatal accident. One little girl has been identified as Mikayla Freiwald, only eight years old, while 6-year-old Ryleigh Freiwald also died. The pregnant mother (who was eight months along at the time of the deadly crash), as well as her boyfriend and two other daughters, managed to survive the harrowing ordeal.

The Christian Post reveals that emergency medical officials were quickly called to the scene and rushed all of the crash victims to Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center following the “tree falls on car” scare. All four are expected to make a recovery, and despite the grieving mother still inconsolable about two of her daughters, there is a silver lining; she fortunately did not lose her unborn baby.

"I saw this lady get out of the passenger seat and she was yelling, 'My babies,'" an eyewitness said upon seeing the pregnant woman. "We did watch them cut the doors off and cut the roof off, and get the driver out of the car."

The other two little girls in the vehicle's backseat who were not killed, since identified as Ciara and Lillie, have been released from the hospital with only minor cuts and bruises. A preliminary investigation into what happened with the falling tree appears to have resulted from the wood being rotted. The car unfortunately just happened to be in its path when the massive plant fell. Local law enforcement authorities were similarly shocked at the unexpectedness and damage of the tragic crash.

"I took a look at the base of the tree and it appeared to be dry rot," one police official said in a follow-up interview. "In my 23 years, I’ve never had anything like this here, this magnitude of this accident with children involved like that there."

A paramedic on the scene said the whole ordeal left him feeling like the one grieving as well, citing the recovery effort as sad and taxing. The two little girls, close sisters under the age of 10, will never be forgotten. Hopefully, the pregnant mother will be able to find peace amid the pain and sorrow, as well as be grateful for her remaining family still with her.

"In the 10 years I've been here, this is a nine out of a 10 on a scale," paramedic Adam Trabold of Conemaugh Township EMS revealed. “It’s devastating for everyone involved."

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