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Treats for Pugs could be right in your kitchen.

Pia Pia enjoying a peach.
Taylor Family

With all the recent recalls, scares, and selling of different companies, some individuals are being to worry if purchasing treats for their pugs are a good thing or not? If you are like me I am very concerned what I feed my Pug. I want to be able to feed her treats that are good for her and not have to worry about poisoning her, making her sick, or worse. Blue Buffalo just recently had another recall of their dog food. Zukes are known owned by Purina. Natural Balance was also sold to Del Monte Foods. Yes, Purina and Del Monte states they want to expand their “natural” dog selection but at what costs? What do they consider “natural”? Finally, the Made in China jerky scenario which is still on the top of people’s minds with the deaths they have caused. Instead of looking to the stores for treats look in your kitchen. Yes, it is said not to give your Pug human food but there is some human food that is healthy and good for your Pug.
Apples, once peeled and all seeds removed will help with the Pug’s skin and some other diseases. Of course, slice the apple up for your Pug to easily digest.
Green beans, cut into small pieces will help fight heart disease, help your Pug lose weight, supports bones and digestion.
Bananas, sliced up will help give your Pug energy, increase heart health, and digestive health.
Strawberries, don’t forget to remove the top of the strawberries. Strawberries will help slow the aging process, helps with teeth whitening, fights chronic diseases, and supports digestion.
Bell peppers, sliced and all seeds removed will help fight arthritis, cancer, and cataracts. Considering Pugs usually have eye problems this is a good one.
Sweet potatoes, mashed or dehydrated slices will help the Pug’s immune system and digestion.
Pumpkin, mashed or pureed will help with digestion and keeping the anal glands excreted. If your Pug scoots this will help eliminate the scooting.
Carrots, cut into bite sizes will help the immune system, and give your Pug a healthy skin and coat.
These are just to name a few of what can be found in your kitchen. Safe treats. After all if you can’t or won’t eat it why give it to your Pug? You wouldn’t, you would throw it out. Also this helps you to save money because it is food already being purchase and you don’t need to make that extra trip to the dog store. So which of these do you think your Pug will like? Which of these does your Pug like? Can’t wait to read the comments.

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