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Treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder - Denver



A few weeks ago, I discussed Personality Disorders. Included in that discussion was something called Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

As with all the personality disorders, BPD can be difficult to treat, because it is pervasive. It permeates the way a person views herself and others, and often these views have been around for a long time -- some people even suggest our personalities are set as early as age six.

One of the other reasons BPD can be difficult to treat is that people suffering from this disorder can make things really difficult for their therapist (as well as family and friends):

One minute they put people on a pedestal, telling them how great they are and how no one understands them like that. But the moment they are hurting, they will chop you down, making you hurt like they do. Lots of people, who interact with those who have this disorder, describe it as “walking on eggshells.”  This is unfortunate because the emotional pain of people who suffer with BPD is real.

But there is hope. People with BPD can learn to predict upcoming behavior and emotions, and they can learn skills that help them cope. The type of therapy, which teaches this, is Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). Some of the best learning happens in groups because individuals recognize negative and beneficial behavior in each other.

If you’re looking for treatment in the Denver area, here is a list of hospitals and therapists who do DBT: Click Here

Stay tuned as I get ready to continue the discussion on Passive-Aggressive people.

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