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Treatment and Prevention of Sciatica

Home remedies for sciatica Ice and Heat - Apply heat or ice to the affected area for about 20 minutes every two hours until the pain stops. This usually is the best method because the sciatic nerve pain normally goes away after six weeks anyhow. Sciatica medication Over the counter medication is effective in relieving sciatica nerve pain. Ibuprofen, acetaminophen, naproxen often relieves the pain. Stretching movements for sciaticaCaution though movement is important to reduce the pain make sure you do it under the advisement of your doctor or physical therapist. Trained professionals can show how to stretch your hamstring and lower back to help reduce the pain.Injections for sciaticaTo reduce the sciatic nerve pain, your physician may also give you a steroid injection. The injections go directly to the sciatic nerve.Surgery for Sciatica Usually surgery may be necessary because of a herniated disk is pressing on the sciatic nerve. Usually the surgeon will remove a piece of the disk. There may be other reasons for surgery as well when the sciatica persisted well after six weeks. Sciatica Rehabilitation Patients who have gone through surgery usually recuperate in a little over a month. Before that time physical therapy may be warranted. Your attending physician may also ask you to refrain from driving, lifting, bending forward during the first move post surgery. Other therapies for sciatica Yoga, chiropractic procedures, acupuncture and massage may help but do your homework first and find out of these procedures are effected for sciatica nerve pain. How to prevent sciatica

Sciatica pain
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Chances are if you had before you can get it again. You may prevent sciatica by simply following a few easy steps. Exercise, bend at the knee before lifting something, and of course, maintain and good posture.

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