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Treating ulcers with bananas, licorice, cabbage juice and more

Can bananas help with ulcers?
Can bananas help with ulcers?
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The origin and treatment of ulcers is the subject of much debate in the medical community. Some doctors are adamantly against natural remedies for ulcers. Others insist that natural remedies are the best cure for ulcers and other health conditions. I've been researching natural health cures for many years. I have come to the conclusion that natural remedies are as good as, or superior to conventional medicine in many instances. Here are just a few natural remedies for ulcers.


Bananas soothe the stomach lining and promote healing. They neutralize stomach acids whose overproduction is said to cause ulcers. They also coat the stomach to lesson irritation and pain associated with ulcers. Bananas can be eaten several times a day with no negative consequences. Some doctors recommend taking bananas with milk, while others say milk is a deterrent to healing ulcers.


Natural licorice has been proven as a natural remedy for ulcers. This is not the type of licorice sold as candy. Check the health food store for this natural remedy. Licorice increases blood flow to the digestive system by keeping the mucosal cells in the stomach and intestinal lining healthy, therefore reducing ulcer risk and formation. Due to the risks of high blood pressure associated with natural licorice, a supplement has been created by removing the ingredient responsible for high blood pressure.

Cabbage juice

Both cabbage and carrot juice have been used as natural remedies for ulcers. These juices promote health in the intestinal tract lining. Some physicians feel that natural treatment with cabbage and carrot juices have no effect on ulcers. Patients, on the other hand have another viewpoint, citing these vegetable juices as their miracle cure.

Almond milk

Ulcer patients have high praise for almond milk as a natural remedy for ulcers. Almond milk can be made quite simply by processing almonds with a bit of water in a blender, then straining and drinking the liquid. Almond milk is said to help bind excess acid and carry it out of the system. For ulcer patients who are lacking in nutrition, almond milk also supplies protein for energy.

Citrus juice

Most people would not associate citrus juice with soothing the pain of ulcers. One would think that it would burn or sting on contact with ulcers but the opposite is true. Citrus juice is in fact a powerful natural remedy and cleanser for the digestive system. Lime is especially effective as it contains both mineral salts and citrus to flush toxin causing bacteria from the system.


Home Remedies


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