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Treating persistent coughing in children

It’s hard not to be annoyed at the constant sound of someone hacking during the winter months; however, this persistently dreary weather has rendered a lot of people unable to fight off that last hint of a common, but irritating cold & cough.

It’s especially challenging to treat a child’s cough given the large amount of medical research suggesting that cough medicine is only effective in helping induce sleep. While coughing is typically caused by a virus, antibiotics are used to treat infections, so most doctors will not or should not prescribe medication but will instead recommend simply letting a cough run its course which can often take several weeks.

According to there are specific characteristics to listen for when treating a child’s persistent cough and related symptoms. In the end, the tried and true home remedies appear to thebe the best “medicine.” Tactics like a steamy shower or a shock of cold air or a popsicle are among some of the basics. Humidifiers or vapor rubs – some say rubbing it on the child’s feet works best – are highly recommended especially in lieu of cough or cold medications.

One might instinctively try to stifle a cough, but keep in mind that coughing is the body’s way of eliminating the “bad stuff.” Keeping an eye on cough-related symptoms will help parents determine what, if any, medical attention to seek versus simply making a child comfortable enough to get some rest and fight it off.

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