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Treating Osteoarthritis in your feline

You are so kind to me
You are so kind to me
Karla Kirby

Osteoarthritis is not curable, still treatment can significantly improve the feline’s life. Keeping cats at a nice, trim weight will take a lot of stress off their joints. It also helps to offer warm places for cats to rest and catnap. An arthritic cat may need special, cat steps to get to favorite places, such as the bed, the sofa, and the windowsill. TTouch, massage, and physical therapy may be advantageous. Acupuncture can also be helpful for many cats, and if the cat is willing to swim, hydrotherapy can also be of enormous help.

Many cats will profit from chondroprotective supplements like glucosamine-chondroitin products to help repair joint cartilage and prevent added damage. In severe cases, corticosteroids and analgesics may be used to reduce pain and improve function.

Sensible exercise is valuable because it preserves muscle mass and maintains joint flexibility. Too much exercise, on the other hand, is counterproductive. Arthritic felines should never be encouraged to stand up on their back legs, no matter how cute they look. Veterinary physical therapists that can help design an exercise and weight-loss program do exist.
Overweight cats should be encouraged to lose a little weight. Being overweight critically complicates the treatment of osteoarthritis.

Don’t forget: Keep your beloved cat at a nice, lean, healthy weight beginning at kittenhood. Kitty may beg for extra meals and cats are quire irresistible, it’s true, But excess weight causes so many serious problems and you are your feline’s special caretaker. You want to have your feline friend around as long as possible, so don’t forget preventative practices pays off richly.

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