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Treat Your Sweetheart - or Yourself - to Home Spa Pampering

Treat Your Sweetheart - or Yourself - to Homemade Spa Pampering
Photo by Morgan Huston for Friday Jone Publishing

It's Valentine's Day, but any day is ideal to treat yourself or your loved one to some special, garden-inspired tender loving care. These links offer ideas for indulgent yet affordable plant-based home-spa treatments: plant-based facials, invigorating body scrubs, healthful drinks, romantic essential herbs and more.

Open your heart to wellness on Valentine's Day or any day. Take care of yourself and those you love with these simple and easy home-spa ideas:

Garden in Your Bath

Lemon-Aspirin Facial

Lemon Ginger Honey Wellness Drink

How to Use Fresh Mint in Home Spa

Chai: A Healthful Drink, Hot or Cold

Green Tea and Rice Facial

Lavender Remedies

Lavender Cornmeal Body Scrub

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