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Treat your loved ones to a luxurious spa day

Treat your loved ones to a luxurious spa day
Treat your loved ones to a luxurious spa day

Christmas is nearly here, and for most people this is a time of year where some of the magic can get lost in an endless wave of frantic work before the Christmas break, squeezing in manic shopping trips in the evenings and hasty wrapping sessions before dashing to the post office to make sure you hit the final post. Phew!

We love Christmas, but it can get a little strained at times, then when you throw a lot of rich foods and more than a dash of alcohol into the mix it can leave you feeling a bit off your best. That’s why the perfect gift for your loved ones is a luxurious spa day over the Christmas period. A spa voucher can make a great gift for them to choose their perfect spa destination (plus it’s a perfect last minute gift – with no delivery to worry about!).

Here’s a selection of amazing treatments your friends and loved ones could enjoy to make them feel replenished this Christmas.

Rejuvenating Facial. All the sweet treats, fatty foods, booze and sitting around not doing a whole lot plays havoc with your skin. It’s not uncommon to look a little blotchy and waxy during the Christmas festivities. To look great for that New Year party it can really help to enjoy an amazing facial. Ayurveda Pura’s Re-Energise Ayurvedic facial comes highly recommended. A stimulating herbal face mask will improve circulation and remove toxins and impurities leaving the face smooth and clean with a beautiful healthy complexion.

Fat-Busting Massage. Christmas spread is one of those seasonal risks that most people seem to be willing to accept, until Boxing Day is done and then they step on the scales and see them tipping a bit too high. A workout routine is the certain way to drop those pounds but deep tissue massages also help to break down fat stores and improve cellulite-ridden areas. At Casa Spa you can enjoy a Deep Power massage which uses a Bio-Therapeutic G5 machine to remove toxins in the muscle, improve muscle tone and banish fat.

Detoxing Hot Shell Massage. We’ve all heard of the benefits of hot stone massages, but at Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden they take it to a whole new level using heated tiger clam shells. The shells are warmed using an amazing volcanic lava and seaweed mix which helps detox the body and is deeply relaxing. The main treatment focuses on back, neck and shoulders but can be extended to the tummy. This is perfect for removing Christmas bloat and muscle cramps in the abdominal area. Read more about Sanctuary’s Lava Shell Massage.

So enjoy the Christmas festivities and if you’re looking for the ideal gift for a loved one then get them a treatment at a luxury spa. They’ll come out of it relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to tackle 2014 with a spring in their step.