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Treat your furry friend each month with PetBox

Surprise Your Pet with PetBox

Do you like receiving surprises in the mail? Most people like good things and a special package filled with sweet wonders brings joy to everyone. How about your pet? When you go to the cookie jar, your dog or cat gets really excited anticipating that yummy treat. When I take my dogs for a ride in the car and we pull into the pet store (Disneyland for dogs), they start bouncing from door to door ready to leap out of the car. The same type of emotions will happen when PetBox arrives each month. Your dog will jump for joy as you open that box filled with treats and toys.

What is PetBox?

PetBox is a monthly service that delivers a box filled with treats for your favorite canine or feline companion. “A rapidly-growing e-commerce and technology startup, PetBox is based in San Diego, California. They are dedicated to sniffing out the best in pet products for their customers.” This genius idea allows you to pick and choose what treats to deliver, or you can allow PetBox to make it all a surprise. Prices range depending on the length of the service agreement.

Giving Back through PetBox

A company that knows the importance of helping others, they choose to give back to their number one fans. “PetBox feeds one rescue or shelter animal a meal for each PetBox purchased. Follow #PetBoxFridays to keep up with the PetBox team as they send shipments of dog and cat food each Friday to shelters and rescues across the United States.” If you’re a shelter in need check out the giving back page and learn about PetBox’s desire to help shelter pets.

I was given the opportunity to experience receiving a PetBox, and I was impressed with the things I found inside. My dogs received a top of the line toy and the treats were all natural and Made in the USA (that in itself is HUGE). The quality of the items was above and beyond my expectations. I envisioned receiving this PetBox each month with the sensation of Christmas for me and my dogs. Keep spreading holiday cheer all through the year with PetBox?

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