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Treat your feet with Foot Gelz


How many times have you tortured your feet in the name of fashion?  The crunched toes, reddened skin, blisters, and soreness.  "Beauty is pain" they say.  With HUE Foot Gelz, "beauty is painless."

HUE is "the leading designer and manufacturer of women's legware, sleepware, socks and panties."  Their products are moderately priced and can be found in major retail department stores nationwide. Click here for a list of stores who carry HUE items.

A pair of Foot Gelz come in a package.  They easily slip into any shoe, including peep toes (they will remain hidden).  The silicone base will keep the pads from slipping, they will remain firm in your shoe all day.  They are machine washable and come in an adorable polka dot pattern. 

I have put a pair of Foot Gelz inside of my 4" pumps.  I wore the shoes all day.  Walked on tile, up stairs, cracked sidewalks, rugs, and grass.  My grade for HUE Foot Gelz: A+.  They are remarkable, your feet feel wonderful and they even make your lower back feel much better.

Now, the best part about HUE Foot Gelz is, they are $1.99 a pack at the TJMaxx in Orange, CT.  Why are they so cheap?  They are "past season." 

They are located in the hosiery section.  Once women start discovering these babies, they will be flying off the shelves.  Since they are "past season," once they sell out, the are gone.

Pick up a few pairs.  They would make great gift for Easter, Mother's Day, birthday, or even as a party favor for a "girls night in."  Stock up and save them for stocking stuffers for next Christmas!

Get a pair of HUE Foot Gelz, break out those 5" heels and feel like your are walking on a cushioney cloud


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