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Treat your family to the Skyview Drive-In

Treat your family to a Drive-In movie
Treat your family to a Drive-In movie
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

I have happy childhood memories of seeing movies with my parents and sibling at the neighborhood Drive-In. My brother and I would wear our pajamas and eventually fall asleep laying in the backseat of the car. We would bring snacks and drinks and sometimes, if we arrived early enough, we would play in the playground until the movie started. If you have wanted to treat your family to an outdoor movie experience but thought that Drive-In movies were obsolete, you can check out the Skyview Drive-In, located in Bellville, IL.

The Skyview Drive-In opened for business in July 1949.

The Drive-In survived two storms; a tornado in 1955 and a windstorm in 1981, both causing extensive damage to the screen and playground. After the second storm:

“The screen was rebuilt as well as the playground, but this time, a second screen was added to the back portion of the theatre in the summer of 1982. For the first time, this made it possible to have two main features. Now, each screen shows a double-feature per evening. The sound has been converted to a broadcast system which the listener may now tune in on his or her own car stereo. Many people have also found it quite convenient to bring a portable stereo and sit out in their lawn chairs in front of their cars.”

After you pay the admission at the box office, you receive a ticket, a color-coded flyer and a trash bag. According to the Skyview website:

“The color of the flyer delineates what color pole you should park at. White flyers mean you have a “low-rise” vehicle and should park at a white pole. An orange flyer means you have a “high-rise” vehicle and should park at an orange pole. The flyer also lists the FM radio station you will need to tune in to hear the film’s audio.”

You are allowed to bring the family pet, as well as your own food and drinks. You are also allowed to leave the grounds and buy supplies at the Schnucks next door to the Drive-In. The season runs from late March or early April until October or sometimes early November. Currently only open on weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), they are open seven nights a week from mid-May until mid- to late August. What a great way to end the summer season – take your family to a Drive-In movie and make memories to last a lifetime.

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