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Treat everyone like a paying customer

If you work in any variety of customer-facing role from sales to account management to customer support, you likely have both personal and institutional expectations regarding how you interact with your customers and prospective customers.  Likely, you do all or some of the following:

  • Carefully craft written communications to be professional, well written and polite.
  • Express gratitude for the customer's business in the way of written notes, seasonal gifts and special discounts for your "best" customers.
  • Swallow your pride when the customer expresses dissatisfaction (no matter how abrasively) and follow up with an apology and corrective action.
  • When meeting in person, maintain a pleasant demeanor and professional appearance.
  • Deliver what you promise when you promise it.

Now, think about your working relationship with every single person in your company - peer, subordinate, supervisor, executive and support staff.  Do you treat every one of those individuals the exact same way?  Would you like to be treated that way?  The Golden Rule is agnostic and never goes out of style.  Try it for a single day and you might be surprised by the karmic repercussions.


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