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Treat allergies with essential oils and other alternative choices

Treating allergies with essential oils is one alternative choice among many. There are also a variety of ways to use essential oils and all of them are effective. No matter what the allergy is, once the body is healed, it can take care of the allergy itself.

Essential oils are used in hospitals in France
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To begin, in the majority of cases, allergies mean the body needs to detox. While this article does not go into a deep discussion of detox, there are things to consider when picking detox protocols.

Several detox programs may be used together. For example, oil pulling and a parasite cleanse can be used at the same time. Other detox possibilities are foot baths, consuming neutralizer products, fasting and saunas.

Essential oil foot-bath

To detox allergies with essential oils, Geranium and Patchouly may be used in a foot bath. Geranium may also be rubbed over the liver area. Both Geranium and Patchouly essential oils may be rubbed on the bottom of the feet, daily, and more often if needed.

The nerves to all the organs of the body end in the feet, hands and ears, so rubbing the oils on the feet is a wonderful way to get oils into the body. The feet also have the largest pores anywhere on the skin. This is why grandma always had people soak their feet when they were sick.

Essential Oils

  • Geranium helps with hormonal balance and cleanses the liver and kidney of toxins. It dilates the biliary ducts so the liver can detoxify. Since the liver is the largest detoxify organ (other than the skin), this can be very helpful. Another way to keep the ducts clear is to drink 1 oz of aloe vera juice, twice daily.
  • Patchouly digests toxic material in the body so it's wonderful to use for detox. It has been suggested it also eliminates residue from insect bites that often are what causes the body to become allergic to other things.

Additional allergy detox choices

If dealing with serious, life-threatening allergies, additionally using homeopathic remedies is a great choice. Homeopathic remedies work gently but effectively and are more in accord with nature so they don't cause other problems. Granny Smith green apples have an enzyme found in no other food. There is a detox protocol of eating only Granny Smith apples and drinking water for 3 days, as an effective detox. Saunas are another great way to detox.

Additional essential oils

Other essential oils that may be used for allergies are Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Melaleuca, Melissa, Peppermint and Spikenard. Any combination of these essential oils are helpful for eliminating allergies.

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