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There the money
There the money

When I writing these words (1 PM lunch time) people should not know what will be inside Treasury Budget press release. It announced come to world on 5/12/2014 2PM. But the data, wonderful celebrating data, like all news related to economy last several years, already pushed Stock Market up. From 9:30 to 10:30 AM (only within one hour) we had nice juicy jump: Dow Jones Industrial Average add 99, S&P 500 Large Cap - almost 15, Russell 2000 Small Cap - 25 points. I am naïve trader. After 6 years leaving on Stock Market account I still wonder, how my coworkers, all these golden fellows who jump into smart money train exactly in 9:30 AM, knew that news released in 4.5 hours will be charming. Like charming will be thousands (for somebody may be millions) of dollars falling from the sky (the Treasury department located close to the sky). Please, do not think that my sarcasm coming from the lost. Economic data very often are breaking current math models, sometimes tech indicators starts behave inappropriate and people loosing. I have special trading tactics for these situations: usually I am inside the train, and now I did not have even nasty taste using these money. The point is why finance moral fall so low, that situation like today became routine. The speeches coming out at least twice a week, FED announcements and papers, at least once a week, speculating economic data, that have no absolutely any meaning coming to us every day. It is possible to make fortune from all that! With great headache, of cause. Two words about the TREASURY BUDGET: the debt in March is expected to be less. Great. We will have it. The debt. And it will be huge. But less than expected. Wonderful reason for market running. Why it became less? Because we have increasing in corporate and individual taxes on 11 and 7 percent. Semion Feldman

Photo by T.J. Kirkpatrick/Getty Images