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Treasure State Loggers take their “Axes” to History Channel

Siderius Logging Featured on "Axe Men"
Siderius Logging Featured on "Axe Men"
History Channel

Local Kalispell business Siderius Logging is currently being featured on Hitsory Channel’s hit show “AxeMen” on the History Channel.

This company was started by Dan Siderius in 2009 and cuts trees in the Flathead area for season 5 of the show. Sideus is crew is comprised of local loggers, including over-talkative yarder operator Josh Fite, rigging slinger Travis Reynolds, hook tender Drew Koffler, and greenhorn Jesse Kelleher.

The youngsters of the bunch, they have an attitude and youth bravado of that most of their fellow crews don’t have.They have their fights and struggles, but they get the job done in the FlatheadValley.

“AxeMan” airs on Sunday night on The History Channel.