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Treasure Florida: Family finds 300-year-old treasure off Florida coast

Scuba divers
Scuba divers
Photo by Ed Giles/Getty Images

Eric Schmitt, a professional salvager, was out with his family on a fun diving trip when he ended up finding a 300-year-old treasure. On Wednesday, MSN shared about his big find that he was actually lucky enough to get on video. They were in a diver's dream area where 11 ships sunk back in 1715 during a hurricane.

He ended up finding a piece of a gold necklace. It turns out that the other piece of this necklace had been found 25 years ago and now they have both pieces. They actually don't know what it is worth at this time though.

This is not his first big discovery. About a year ago, Schmitt actually found $300,000 worth of gold coins and chains in the same area. He loves searching for treasure like this and is passionate about seeing what he can find.

New York Daily News shared a bit more about his big find. Queen Jewels explained the necklace saying, Only a gold PYX can touch the Eucharist once it has been consecrated and priest's still use them today. This PYX would have belonged to a very high-ranking church official and given its incredible craftsmanship and beauty may have been destined for the Pope."

The items he is finding are now property of the Southern District of Florida. At the end of the year, Florida will get part of the money that it is worth but Eric Schmitt and his family will get to split the rest. They could end up pretty rich after this deal.

This has people thinking about what they should do when they are traveling. If you are a scuba diver, you never know what kind of treasure you might find in the ocean. It could end up being something that will change your entire life.

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