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Treacherous roads, frozen pipes, and record temperatures

Almanac 21 January 2014 Click on image for a larger view
Almanac 21 January 2014 Click on image for a larger view
Grand Rapids Weather Examiner

Treacherous roads, frozen pipes, and record temperatures top the list of Michigan weather events on this day in history. From the National Weather Service archives here are the events that happened on January 21.

1906 – The temperatures soar into the 60s for another day at both Grand Rapids and Lansing. After a record warm overnight low temperature in Grand Rapids of 39°, the temperature climbs to a record 61°. Lansing sees their warmest January low temperature ever with 54° and sets a daily record high of 60°. Detroit observes a record low of 51° and a record high of 65°. Other record warm minimum temperatures include Muskegon with 37° and Sault Ste. Marie with 35°.

1984 - The temperature hits a record low of -15° at Grand Rapids for the second consecutive day. During the afternoon the temperature only climbs to above zero for a record low maximum temperature. The temperature at Lansing only manages to reach during the day. The overnight temperature dropped to -21° in Detroit! This is the second lowest overnight temperature ever recorded for the city of Detroit. Detroit and Flint observe a record cold high of for the day. Alpena observes a record low of -21°, Flint -16°, Houghton Lake -19°, Marquette -24° and Sault Ste. Marie -33°.

1993 - Freezing rain spread across central and eastern Upper Michigan between 4 am and 9 am. Between 0.3 and 0.4 inches of ice accumulated on exposed surfaces across Upper Michigan. The ice caused treacherous road conditions across Upper Michigan resulting in numerous traffic accidents. Dozens of motorists were stranded in their vehicles with several large trucks overturning on highways. Virtually all schools and universities were closed on the 21th over central and eastern Upper Michigan. Many businesses were also closed in these areas. Damages were limited to vehicles in fender bender type accidents.

1994 - As the weather warmed after the cold snap, lots of water pipes and water mains froze and broke in the U.P throughout the rest of the month into February.